I’m a theo­re­ti­cal phy­si­cist in the group of Nathan Gold­man at ULB Brussels as a post­doc­to­ral rese­arch fellow.

My rese­arch focu­ses on inter­ac­ting topo­lo­gi­cal pha­ses of mat­ter and the oppor­tu­ni­ties to stu­dy them using quan­tum simu­la­tors. In par­ti­cu­lar, I’m inte­res­ted in frac­tion­al quan­tum Hall phy­sics in lat­ti­ce sys­tems. In my work, I com­bi­ne ana­ly­ti­cal approa­ches and nume­ri­cal methods to under­stand such exo­tic sta­tes of mat­ter. Moreo­ver, I col­la­bo­ra­te clo­se­ly with expe­ri­men­ta­lists in dif­fe­rent cold atom labs.

I did my PhD with Fabi­an Grusdt and his Quan­tum Many Body Theo­ry group at LMU Munich. During this time, I visi­ted the group of Moham­mad Hafezi at the Joint Quan­tum Insti­tu­te (JQI) at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mary­land. I was also a mem­ber of the IMPRS-QST, a joint PhD pro­gram of the Max-Planck-Insti­tu­te for Quan­tum Optics, LMU Munich, and TU Munich.

Befo­re my PhD, I did my Mas­ter of Sci­ence in phy­sics at LMU in the group of Mat­thi­as Punk, stu­dy­ing the Hei­sen­berg-Kitaev model on a tri­an­gu­lar lat­ti­ce using field-theo­re­ti­cal renor­ma­liza­ti­on group methods.

I also hold a BSc in mathe­ma­tics from Göt­tin­gen Uni­ver­si­ty (2018, „Geo­me­try of Orbi­folds – Euler Cha­rac­te­ristic and Gauss-Bon­net Theo­rem“ under the super­vi­si­on of Tho­mas Schick) and a BSc in phy­sics from LMU Munich (2016, „Aspects of Space­time Geo­me­try in Boso­nic String Theo­ry“ under the super­vi­si­on of Ste­fan Groot-Nibbelink).

During my under­gra­dua­te stu­dies in Munich I was a fel­low of the Max Weber pro­gram by the Bava­ri­an government.