Felix A. Palm

I am a doc­to­ral stu­dent at Lud­wig-Maxi­mi­li­ans Uni­ver­si­ty Munich in the group of Fabi­an Grusdt. My rese­arch focu­ses on stron­gly cor­re­la­ted quan­tum many-body sys­tems, with an empha­sis on frac­tio­n­al quan­tum Hall phy­sics in lat­ti­ces. In my work, I am com­bi­ning ana­ly­ti­cal approa­ches (in par­ti­cu­lar varia­tio­nal sta­tes) and nume­ri­cal methods (espe­cial­ly ten­sor net­work tech­ni­ques like DMRG simu­la­ti­ons) to under­stand exo­tic sta­tes of mat­ter. More broad­ly, I am inte­res­ted in inter­ac­ting topo­lo­gi­cal pha­ses of mat­ter and the oppor­tu­nities to under­stand them using quan­tum simulators.

This webpage is currently under construction – bare with me as it takes shape in the near future 🙂

In the mean time, you can find my blog (main­ly in Ger­man, though) under its new address blog.felix-palm.de